about Us

In May of 2012, my best friend, Joe Bowman, and I, completed our first full length movie script. While contemplating should we sell our script or film it, we decided we wanted to film it ourselves. However, we lacked the experience, and manpower that was necessary. I mean, we’ve all watched the ending credits to a movie. So, we decided to join our local public access channel, COX PATV channel 15, located in Enfield, CT. We were immediately brought on, and trained in studio on cameras, editing, sound producing, and documenting. We met a lot of great people there, and continued our thirst for knowledge. One day, Joe and I, caught wind of local pop-culture conventions. These conventions featured actors, artists, writers, producers, etc. What better way to learn, than to get advice from the pros, who are in the field? But then why stop there? Isn’t there anyone out there, who feels the same way we do? So, we decided, with the help of our public access coordinators, Sandy Zukowski and Marc Warnock, to film our own documentary, where we could bring like-minded individuals with us, to learn, and experience different techniques, and challenges in the trade. Thus, we borrowed very expensive studio equipment and produced our very own documentary, which later became known as Con-Men TV.